DOT App For Patient

DOT App is the first of its kind software that is built with a keen focus on connecting doctors with their regular patients by setting up a Digital Clinic.

Our vision is to create a platform where patients and doctors can connect seamlessly through a Digital Clinic setup. 

Unlike ordinary telemedicine platforms, the DOT App is designed for patients to connect with their trusted family doctors.

Health Diary

You can maintain your complete healthcare history and access it when you need it through your phone. With DOT App you get a secure platform that can only be accessed by the patient and their trusted doctor.

Companion Feature

This is a unique DOT App feature where users can add a companion to monitor the health of a loved one. The companion can be present at all doctor's appointments and have access to the complete patient medical history.

Health Tips

Through DOT App users can get customised health tips from certifies professionals specific to your needs and requirements, your doctor can also suggest which health tips to follow.

Digital Distress Alarm

In case of any emergency DOT App users can trigger a distress alarm which will send out immediate alerts to the registered contacts and doctor of the patient.


Connect With My Digital Doctor

Download our app and connect with your doctor digitally

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Krishna Chaitanya

When it was impossible to take my aged mother-in-law to hospital for her general check-up, DOT App.

Srinivasa Prasad

I was scared about the security of my medical data until I subscribed to DOT App to connect with my doctor.  Now my medical records are safe.


I always thought telemedicine was something to connect with an unknown doctor, but DOT App is a different experience with my own doctor.

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