DOT App Benefits

DOT App is the first of its kind software that is built with a keen focus on connecting doctors with their regular patients by setting up a Digital Clinic.

Our vision is to create a platform where doctors can set up their own Digital Clinic, invite their patients, as a natural extension of their physical clinic.

Unlike ordinary telemedicine platforms, the DOT App is designed by seasoned healthcare professionals for medical professionals.


Your prescription can go to the pharmacy, and the test recommendations will reach the lab, before the patient shows up. Proactively they can even initiate and reach out to patients.

Patient Records at
Your Fingertips

They are your patients. You know them better. Establish that fact, before giving them your advice. Give them peace of mind, as their trusted doctor. Every call gets added to their records. 


We understand your world and concerns. Your phone numbers will not be visible to patients when offering consultation through the app. Keep your patient identity and medical records safe.

Exclusive Patient

By telling your patients to come via a telemedicine app, you are simply losing them. Reducing it to a WhatsApp or skype calls poses security threats. Keep your patient identity and medical records safe.

Special Packages Designed for you

The DOT app team is well equipped to set up your digital clinic, decorate it, inaugurate it in the right way, get your patients to know that you are available here. Get the services tailored to you. We are with you!

  • Set up Digital Clinic

  • Decorate Clinic

  • Invite Patients

  • Promotional  videos

  • Digital Posters

  • Social campaign

  • Select pharmacy

  • Set up digital pharmacy

  • Link pharmacy & your clinic

  • Select lab

  • Set up digital lab

  • Link lab & your clinic

  • Organize patient records, safely

  • Review records

  • Secure access to patients & doctors only

  • Attract international patients

  • Offer Digital consulting


Set Up My Digital Clinic

Download our app and connect with your patients digitally

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Dr. Chandrashekar

ENT Surgeon

I am extremely happy with DOT App because it keeps all my personal information secure and does not share it with anyone, also the support team is excellent. 

Dr. Vagdevi

Clinical Nutritionist

I have been using DOT App to consult with all my patients during the lockdown, I am very happy about how easy it is to use, so I have decided to continue using the app.

Dr. Gayatri


DOT App is great, it allows me to do teleconsultations through a very secure channel, and also I can maintain my regular patient records in the same app.